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The Workers` Compensation Policy is approved with a waiver of subrogation in favor of the Company for all work performed by the seller/contractor/operator, its employees, agents and subcontractors. C. If the contract is with a supplier/contractor/operator that may provide computer services or software, or that may involve the retention of private, non-public information about third parties, add the following: The service(s) to be provided under this Agreement are those of an independent contractor. The Contractor is not an official, employee or representative of Multnomah County, as these terms are used in ORS 30.265. These contracts usually relate to conversion or repair. All employers, including contractors, who employ affected employees who work in the State of Oregon under this Agreement shall comply with ORS 656.017 and provide the required workers` compensation coverage, unless such employers are exempt under ORS 656.126. The contractor must ensure that each of its subcontractors meets these requirements. All contracts must include a compensation clause and workers` compensation language (insurance or proof of leave). The following minimum insurance limits apply “per event”. The aggregated limit values are set out in detail in Section IV.

The car (MP2) can be cancelled if the performance of the contract does not include driving by the contractor. This is a broad coverage requirement when a subcontractor is involved in an activity that may involve the transport, application, disposal, use or handling of “hazardous materials”. Most contractors assume no responsibility for contamination or asbestos. That doesn`t mean the county won`t require it. The application of this provision shall exercise discretion. The decision not to require such coverage must be made in consultation with the risk management. If the Contractor maintains wider coverage and/or higher limits than the minimum limits specified above, Riverside County will require and be entitled to the broader coverage and/or higher limits maintained by the Contractor. All insurance products available beyond the established minimum insurance and coverage limits are available for Riverside County.

The Contractor, its subcontractors, if any, and all employers who provide work, labor, or materials under this Agreement and who are employers within the meaning of the Oregon Workers` Compensation Act must comply with ORS 656.017, which requires them to provide Oregon labor compensation coverage for all affected employees. Non-governmental employers must pay their employees remuneration equivalent to ORS 656,126. Employer liability insurance with coverage limits of at least $500,000 per accident is included. Sometimes the entrepreneur states that their business is self-insured for some or all of the insurance coverage you are applying for. In this case, you must ask them to complete a certificate of self-insurance (see example in Appendix D) and provide it to you as proof of insurance. You must verify this form in accordance with the instructions in Appendix D. If the contractor is self-insured for all the required insurance coverage, some of the mandatory provisions (p.B. MP6) are not relevant. If you need help establishing regulations, please contact Risk Management.

Many, but not all, governments are self-insured for some or all of the required insurance coverage. The Contractor will also receive “Symbol 1” liability insurance for commercial vehicles, including coverage for all of its clean, leased and uninsured vehicles, at the Contractor`s expense, and will retain it in effect for the duration of the Contract. The combined single limit per event cannot be less than $500,000. To ask if the contractor provides a type of transportation for customers under the contract or delivers goods. The Contractor shall, at the Contractor`s expense, obtain commercial general liability insurance for personal injury and property damage on an “event” form and shall maintain it in effect for the duration of this Agreement. This coverage includes contractual liability insurance for the compensation provided for in this contract. The following insurance is underwritten: commercial general liability insurance, including, but not limited to, liability for premises, unchanged contractual liability, liability for products and completed operations, personal injury and advertising damage and cross-liability coverage, which covers claims that may arise from or from the performance of the Contractor`s obligations under this Contract. The policy designates the COUNTY as an additional insured. The policy`s liability limit is not less than $2,000,000 per combined individual limit.

If such insurance contains a general overall limit, it applies separately to this Agreement or shall not be less than (2) twice the entry limit. Under state law, any employer employing one or more “submissive workers” is required to provide workers` compensation to those workers. Most contractors with whom the county enters into service contracts must provide proof of this coverage, which provides medical treatment and pays compensation for work-related injuries to their employees. In county contracts, there may be certain contractors who are exempt from the requirement to provide this coverage as sole proprietors who qualify as independent contractors, partners who are not involved in construction-related work and who qualify as independent contractors, and certain officers who are directors of the corporation and have a significant interest in the corporation. It is imperative that you obtain proof of workers` compensation coverage or exemption from the law before you start working under the contract. Otherwise, it could mean that the county will be held responsible for the contractor`s claims and will have to pay the cost of those claims to the county`s self-insurance fund. Any contractor claiming to be exempt must complete the Workers` Compensation Exemption Certificate (see Appendix B-4). See Appendix B, B-1 for more information on workers` compensation insurance requirements for out-of-state contractors. In Section II of this guide, you learned how to perform a risk analysis related to the potential risk associated with the services or goods purchased under your contract. Once this is done, you will have a better understanding of the types of insurance that should be required in your contract to protect the county and contractor from loss. Section III explained the different types of indemnification clauses used in contracts to help you choose the one that best suits the type of request for proposals/offer/contract you are preparing. The Seller / Contractor / Operator must take out and maintain insurance for the duration of the Contract against claims for bodily injury or property damage that may arise from or in connection with the performance of the work or in connection with the products, materials or services provided to the Company and includes their representatives, agents, employees or subcontractors.

With respect to general liability, errors and omissions, legal liability for pollution and remediation, coverage should be maintained for at least five (5) years after the conclusion of the contract. For unusual contracts or those where you have difficulty determining which insurance category and limits apply best, please contact purchasing or risk management for assistance. The Seller/Contractor/Operator requires and verifies that all subcontractors maintain insurance that meets all the requirements set forth herein, and the Seller/Contractor/Operator shall ensure that the Company is insured in addition if it is insurance required by the subcontractors….